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Cadiretes (BTT) 2020-07-28

Als Ferrerons-Pou Glaš Canyamas (BTT) 2020-07-22

Espot (Lleida) (BTT) 2020-07-18

Torre De Cabdella, La (Lleida) (BTT) 2020-07-16

Torrassa del Moro (BTT) 2020-06-30

Torre del Foc (BTT) 2020-06-20

Sant Quirze Safaja (Barcelona) (BTT) 2020-06-06

Sant Celoni (Barcelona) (BTT) 2020-06-02

Sant Celoni (Barcelona) (BTT) 2020-05-29

Sant Celoni (Barcelona) (BTT) 2020-05-25

Sant Celoni (Barcelona) (BTT) 2020-05-22

Sant Celoni (Barcelona) (BTT) 2020-03-07

Sant Celoni (Barcelona) (BTT) 2020-03-05

Sot Maquis Salt d'aigua (BTT) 2019-12-21

Sant Celoni (Barcelona) (BTT) 2019-12-11

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