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His pictures and videos

Pedal regeneração TrackTrack__ (Carretera) 2022-01-10

Pedalada matinal ventão Suli TrackTrack___ (Carretera) 2022-01-06

Pedalada matinal TrackTrack__calorão _ (Carretera) 2022-01-05

Giro matinal calor de verão TrackTrackTrack___Happy New Year__ (Carretera) 2022-01-01

Giro matinal 30 graus C TrackTrack___ (Carretera) 2021-12-29

Pedalada topezera TrackTrackTrack__26C Track__ (Carretera) 2021-12-14

Giro Matinal TrackTrack___ (Carretera) 2021-12-09

Pedalada matinal nublado TrackTrackTrackTrack___ (Carretera) 2021-12-03

Giro matinal TrackTrackTrack_ (Carretera) 2021-12-03

Giro matinal TrackTrackTrack__ (Carretera) 2021-12-01

Giro tooop TrackTrack___quente __ (Carretera) 2021-11-30

Giro ventooooo TrackTracktá loucoooTrack__.mundo doido ____ (Carretera) 2021-11-28

Pedalada matinalTrack____choveu Trackbaixei o giro _calorão __ (Carretera) 2021-11-27

Giro na boa TrackTrack____calorão ___ (Carretera) 2021-11-26

Bom dia TrackTrack___hoje está muito bom __ (Carretera) 2021-11-25

Ventooooo TrackTrackcontrário 35 km/h _credo pra que tudo isso T... (Carretera) 2021-11-23

Giro top TrackTrack__ (Carretera) 2021-11-22

Giro matinal nublado & ventos TrackTrackTrackTrack (Carretera) 2021-11-11

Pedalada matinal TrackTrackTrackTrack_ (Carretera) 2021-11-10

Giro calorão da primavera TrackTrackTrackTrack__ (Carretera) 2021-11-04

Giro Matinal do vento nordeste TrackTrack__anda sua lerdeza ____ (Carretera) 2021-10-29

Pedalada matinal da lerdeza TrackTrackTrack_devagarzinho _ (Carretera) 2021-10-28

Giro manhã calorão 27 graus C TrackTrack____top Track_ (Carretera) 2021-10-27

Giro detox regenerative TrackTrack_27 C (Carretera) 2021-10-25

Giro de boa TrackTrack (Carretera) 2021-10-09

Giro na granja matinal TrackTrackTrack__ (Carretera) 2021-10-03

Giro M. Conventos top ___ventos e sol _ (Carretera) 2021-08-28

Caminhada na volta do pneu furado da bike TrackTrack__ (Carretera) 2021-06-04

Giro do vento Track___...Track____ (Carretera) 2021-03-18

Pedal das 10:00 AM Track_matinal (Carretera) 2021-03-13

Giro na terra arrasada TrackTrackTrack (Carretera) 2020-11-30

Giro Maracajá maravilhoso Track__...ventoso Track___ (Carretera) 2020-11-07

Giro na pedra top mtb Track_27 graus Springtime_ (Carretera) 2020-09-25

Pedalada matinal primavera topTrackTrack__ (Carretera) 2020-09-23

Pedalada matinal mtb topTrack___ (Carretera) 2020-08-28

Pedalada matinal mtb recreativo Track__ (Carretera) 2020-08-25

Giro beira rio TrackTrackTrackpedraaaa__...cadê a chuva ____ (Carretera) 2020-05-22

Giro vento sul...21km/h contrário Track___mtb (Carretera) 2020-05-15

Pedal matinal beira rio MTB TrackTrack____ventooo_ (Carretera) 2020-05-07

Giro matinal MTB topTrackTrackTrack___ (Carretera) 2020-04-29

Giro matinal da família TrackTrackTracktop..._Ne-Yo_ so sick_ (Carretera) 2020-03-08

Pedalada matinal em família TrackTrack____ (Carretera) 2020-03-02

Giro MTB regenerativo Tracknublado top..._MPB4_canção da América ... (Carretera) 2020-02-21

Vento suli Track__são Domingos/pedal Strava 648..._The Strumbella... (Carretera) 2019-12-07

Giro calorão 32 graus Track__..pedal 645 Strava /__Bon Jovi_Runaw... (Carretera) 2019-12-04

Girando Track___pedal Strava 644...hockhopper mtb light _...__Cre... (Carretera) 2019-12-04

Giro Espigão Track__ (Carretera) 2019-12-03

MTB na pedra Track_34 C/vento 12km/h...pedraaaa e poeira ____...n... (Carretera) 2019-10-13

Gireto regenerativo ventão TrackTrackTrack_nublado 22C/vento ENE ... (Carretera) 2019-10-10

Mtb topezeraaaa...pura natureza TrackTrackTrackTrack___/pedal Str... (Carretera) 2019-10-10

MTB TOP ...trilha trator arrozal TrackTrack_/pedal 625/_Barry Man... (Carretera) 2019-09-28

Pedalada vespertina M. Conventos Track____sem acostamento um __pe... (Carretera) 2019-09-28

Primeiro giro da primavera MTB top TrackTrack_feliz aniversário _... (Carretera) 2019-09-25

Caminhada regenerativo by Donna Summ... (Carretera) 2019-08-03

Giro no inverno Track__um vento Track_...pedal 615/Song by Voyage... (Carretera) 2019-08-03

Giro fim de tarde TrackTrack_...pedal 611/Song by Chris Rea_ Swee... (Carretera) 2019-07-14

Giro dos 16000 km friuuuTrack/pedal 609...Song by Jet... (Carretera) 2019-07-11

Giro do frio TrackTrack__/Song by Neil Young_Old Man_...pedal 610 (Carretera) 2019-07-11

Regenerativo vespertino Track_ ...30 graus _/Song by Engenheiros ... (Carretera) 2019-07-02

Giro regenerativo Track/Pedal 607 (Carretera) 2019-06-26

Regenerativo matinalTrackTrack_/pedal 604/_ Eagle Eye Williamson ... (Carretera) 2019-06-20

Regenerativo vespertina Track___/pedal 605/song by Dylansplanet[p... (Carretera) 2019-06-20

Pedalada matinal MTB/pedal 602/_Jethro tull _Aqualung_ (Carretera) 2019-06-17

Giro Track____pedal 601/_We Have Band_OH_ (Carretera) 2019-06-14

Regenerativo soloTrack___/_David Gilmour_Today_ (Carretera) 2019-06-11

Detox regenerativo Track____/_Guns n_ Roses_ Welcome to the Jungl... (Carretera) 2019-06-11

Ventão Nordestão TrackTrack_/_Chris Rea _ Sweet Summer DayTrack_ (Carretera) 2019-06-08

Giro regenerativo ventão Track_...____8 dias de chuva Track_ (Carretera) 2019-06-05

GIRO MTB ao redor da city Track___outono Track__ (Carretera) 2019-05-30

Passeio matinal top /_Davichi_Unspoken words_ (Carretera) 2019-05-21

Regenerativo Track_/_Chris Rea _Sweet Summer Day_ (Ibiza mix) (Carretera) 2019-05-19

Giro na chuva _vento louco Track_molhou Track_/_INXS_Afterglow_ (Carretera) 2019-05-16

Pedalada matinal (Carretera) 2019-05-10

Pedalada matinal No stressTrackTrack__ (Carretera) 2019-05-04

Pedalada matinalTrack___/_miley Cyrus _nothing breaks like a Hear... (Carretera) 2019-05-01

Pedalada matinal TrackTrackTrack_ (Carretera) 2019-05-01

Pedalada matinal (Carretera) 2019-04-26

Pedalada matinal Track__/_Tom Cawte _Stick it to the man_ (Carretera) 2019-04-23

Pedalada vespertina ...cansei Track___ (Carretera) 2019-04-20

Pedalada vespertina Track__/_Deer tick _ Dirty Dishes_ (Carretera) 2019-04-11

Giro na city 29 graus Track___/_by Simply Red _home (live in Sici... (Carretera) 2019-04-06

Pedalada vespertina (Carretera) 2019-04-03

Regenerativo contra o ventoTrack__ (Carretera) 2019-03-31

Giro top Espigão...Track___Outono ótimo (Carretera) 2019-03-28

Pedalada matinal recreio Track_/song by Charlie Puth_See you agai... (Carretera) 2019-03-25

MTB chuvaaaTrack_outono chegou Track__/Song by Tom Petty & The he... (Carretera) 2019-03-22

Pedal chuvaaaaaTrack__/song by Tom Petty & the heartbreakers_ lis... (Carretera) 2019-03-20

Pedal top sem rumo a calor e vento /song by Tom Petty & the heart... (Carretera) 2019-03-20

Pedalada matinal (Carretera) 2019-03-17

Pedalada matinal calorão Track____ ligamentos joelhos dolorido _/... (Carretera) 2019-03-14

Pedal detox carnaval TrackTrack__/Song by Angus Stone _Wooden Cha... (Carretera) 2019-03-11

Pedalada matinal um calorão 31 C TrackTrack_/Song by Pink Floyd_... (Carretera) 2019-03-11

Pedalada matinal calmoTrackTrack__song by America _Ventura Highwa... (Carretera) 2019-03-02

Pedalada matinal top 31 graus ...TrackTrackTrack__/song by Henry ... (Carretera) 2019-02-21

Giro top fim do dia TrackTrack___/song by Katrina& the waves_walk... (Carretera) 2019-02-21

Giro regenerativo TrackTrack____/song by Solomon Burke _Cry to me... (Carretera) 2019-02-16

Giro ao entardecer Maracajá TrackTrackTrack____/song by Orleans_d... (Carretera) 2019-02-16

Pedalada ao entardecer ____ que caldo TrackTrackTrack_...Pra fec... (Carretera) 2019-02-13

Giro campos de arroz by Vanilla ice _ic... (Carretera) 2019-02-10

Giro ao redor da city MTB...muita pedra rolada TrackTrack__/rock ... (Carretera) 2019-02-10

Pedalada regenerativo...TrackTrackTrackTrack (Carretera) 2019-02-05

MTB...giro matinal Espigão x Aru/ Song by Bon Jovi _what about no... (Carretera) 2019-01-28 caldo 31 C Track_/music by Chris Rea _ looking for the s... (Carretera) 2019-01-25

MTB ...Pedalada matinal na city TrackTrackTracksong by kalvin Har... (Carretera) 2019-01-25

MTB...cicloturismo refrescante da manhã TrackTrack/song by Clavd... (Carretera) 2019-01-22

MTB...trilha sofrimento que calor TrackTrackTrack___Music by Loui... (Carretera) 2019-01-20

Giro calorão do verão TrackTrack_/Song by Malika Ayane _contro ve... (Carretera) 2019-01-12

Pedalada matinal top/song Tully on Tully_honestly _...__ (Carretera) 2019-01-09

Pedal Espigão...tava com saudadesTrack_Song by Five finger Death ... (Carretera) 2019-01-09

Giro calmo com vento refrescante topTrackTrack/Song by The Heavy ... (Carretera) 2019-01-09

Giro na muvuca da segunda feira c/ótima CIA TrackTrack_...Song by... (Carretera) 2019-01-09

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