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His pictures and videos

You got a play-date with destiny. (Carretera) 2021-10-21

Right now I'm having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I thin... (Carretera) 2021-10-12

I don't know him well enough for a stop and chat. (Carretera) 2021-10-02

Always remember your unique, just like everyone else (Carretera) 2021-09-26

Sometimes my brain writes a check that reality can't cash. (Carretera) 2021-09-18

I can't believe you like money___ too. We should hang out. (Carretera) 2021-09-17

With the birthday wizard Tom and Nick (Carretera) 2021-09-12

Every time I skip a ride, a little bike dies. (Carretera) 2021-09-10

Now...where was I_ (Carretera) 2021-09-02

Werribee (MELB NORTH WEST) (Carretera) 2021-08-18

Everyone is mine to torment. (BTT) 2021-08-08

Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Ov... (Carretera) 2021-08-02

Zappa going the distance Zappa going for speed & Happy Birthday (Carretera) 2021-07-30

Don't joke. It's really, really creepy. (Carretera) 2021-07-24

That creep can roll man._ (Carretera) 2021-07-22

Like a lion in orange dungarees. Kind of fierce, but ridiculous a... (Carretera) 2021-07-16

Live Long And Prosper. (Carretera) 2021-07-11

Night gathers, and now my watch begins and my Garmin is throwing ... (Carretera) 2021-07-01

The only circle of trust you should have is a donut. (Carretera) 2021-06-28

To beat your shadow and stay ahead of it, it happens on winter so... (Carretera) 2021-06-22

Contrary to popular belief, death isn't just for dead people. It ... (Carretera) 2021-06-21

You mewling quim! (Carretera) 2021-06-17

It was a great fossil of discovery (Carretera) 2021-06-17

Even the genius asks questions (Carretera) 2021-06-15

Pedal Damn it! (Carretera) 2021-06-08

Oh Yeah! __ Half a glass will do (Carretera) 2021-05-31

Even if you're on the right track you'll still get run over if yo... (Carretera) 2021-05-28

If I agreed with you we'd both be wrong. (Carretera) 2021-05-23

The last thing I want to do is hurt you. But it's still on the li... (Carretera) 2021-05-21

As a circle of light increases so does the circumference of darkn... (Carretera) 2021-05-20

Big mistake if you sat behind me (Carretera) 2021-05-09

Down to the ocean _ side and then some Arthurs with the power coo... (Carretera) 2021-05-02

I don't know him well enough for a stop and chat. (Carretera) 2021-05-01

Success. It's a mind game. (Carretera) 2021-05-01

You Think you can stop the future_ You're Just a thief! (Carretera) 2021-04-28

You've got a hell of a way of flagging somebody down! (Carretera) 2021-04-24

Please don't make the super suit green... or animated! (Carretera) 2021-04-17

He would make outrageous claims like he invented the question mar... (Carretera) 2021-04-09

I'm gonna do the things that I wanna do (Carretera) 2021-04-03

I earned 20 on my Walk money _ does grow in da grass (BTT) 2021-04-03

TT Bike Aero Testing CDA down to 0.217 with variance (Carretera) 2021-04-02

That was close one ladies and gentlemen, of course in every conte... (Carretera) 2021-03-19

Focus on the pain, the only thing that's real. (Carretera) 2021-03-18

You know, when I was your age, you broke a tool, you had to craft... (Carretera) 2021-03-17

There are no stupid questions. Only stupid answers. (Carretera) 2021-03-13

Head for the hills and make a waterfall all the way up (Carretera) 2021-03-11

Last day of Summer, Solved the riddle of steel (Carretera) 2021-03-11

Checking aerodynamics 0.232 CDA settings aeropod (Carretera) 2021-03-07

Looking for crocodiles in my mind whilst my siesta is calling me (Carretera) 2021-03-05

Wifie birthday special she is my Princess (Carretera) 2021-03-04

Port Douglas (Carretera) 2021-03-03

Are you a GOAT or a LOFT (Carretera) 2021-02-27

Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Ov... (Carretera) 2021-02-20

You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for... (Carretera) 2021-02-19

He's going the distance He's going for speed (Carretera) 2021-02-18

Take my credit card to the hedge fund! I'll meet you at the marti... (Carretera) 2021-02-10

That dude can roll man _ (Carretera) 2021-02-08

From now on it's all gonna be downhill. (Carretera) 2021-01-25

Like sands through the waves, so are the days of our rides (Carretera) 2021-01-21

You mewling quim! (Carretera) 2021-01-14

I sleep like a baby. Except maybe when I know there's a corpse wa... (Carretera) 2021-01-10

Welcome 2021 (BTT) 2021-01-02

Happy New Year and good riddance to 2020 Nightmare, all the best ... (Carretera) 2021-01-01

Oh why this wind likes to torment the hills (Carretera) 2020-12-29

Who said the sun __ should go down (Carretera) 2020-12-25

Shut up legs with WCG and Angelo (Carretera) 2020-12-20

The greatest joy of life is to accomplish. It is the getting, not... (Carretera) 2020-12-16

If I agreed with you we'd both be wrong. (Carretera) 2020-12-15

The last thing I want to do is hurt you. But it's still on the li... (BTT) 2020-12-14

About As Sharp As A Sock Full Of Soup. (Carretera) 2020-12-03

We could not talk or talk forever and still find things to not ta... (Carretera) 2020-12-01

It's a fine line between pleasure and pain You've done it once, y... (Carretera) 2020-11-28

Drop your socks and grab your crocs, we're about to get wet on th... (Carretera) 2020-11-26

Riding like a squirrel on the juice is like feeling the pain and ... (Carretera) 2020-11-10

Tour da Philippines (Carretera) 2020-11-03

That rug really tied the room together, did it not_ (Carretera) 2020-11-02

I don't take orders from a speaker-box anymore. I work for myself... (Carretera) 2020-10-28

Poured myself a cup of ambition - Test AeroPod CDA Feature (Carretera) 2020-10-23

No one can believe the superhuman strength of Thunderlips! (Carretera) 2020-10-17

I want to die a natural death at the age of 102 - like the city o... (Carretera) 2020-09-24

I think it's wrong that only one company makes the game Monopoly. (Carretera) 2020-09-19

That Dawg _ can roll man_ (Carretera) 2020-09-10

You have been hit by smooth criminal, I got corona tested by a ma... (Carretera) 2020-09-08

There's no such thing as the unknown. Only the temporarily hidden... (Carretera) 2020-09-03

Night gathers, and now my watch begins and my Garmin is throwing ... (Carretera) 2020-08-30

Contrary to popular belief, death isn't just for dead people. It ... (Carretera) 2020-08-25

You are a dirty little fun-haver. (Carretera) 2020-08-23

I'm a hot little potato right now! (Carretera) 2020-08-17

Oh Yeah! __ Half a glass will do (Carretera) 2020-08-12

Be very careful I'm hunting KOM's (Carretera) 2020-08-10

Even if you're on the right track you'll still get run over if yo... (Carretera) 2020-08-09

If I agreed with you we'd both be wrong. (Carretera) 2020-08-04

We know each other! He's a friend from work! (Carretera) 2020-08-03

Last ride before lockdown in 2 hours, saw 6 pairs out getting the... (Carretera) 2020-08-02

Its Awesomeware on Strava and Ransomware on Garmin (Carretera) 2020-07-25

Can you believe they call us criminals when he's assaulting us wi... (Carretera) 2020-07-21

Zoom Zoom sounds like a car commercial (Carretera) 2020-07-14

I have an inferiority complex, but it's not a very good one. (Carretera) 2020-07-13

He would make outrageous claims like he invented the question mar... (Carretera) 2020-07-07

The big freeze does not equal S +1 = #rule9 or a new ISM seat (Carretera) 2020-06-29

The Empire strikes back (Carretera) 2020-06-18

Why do they need hazmat suits beside the Brooklyn tip (Carretera) 2020-06-16

#WorldBicycleDay ___ "Ride as much or as little, or as long or as... (Carretera) 2020-06-03

Housework won't kill you. But then again, why take the chance_ (Carretera) 2020-05-29

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! (Carretera) 2020-05-27

My body is not a filter Coffee goes in (Carretera) 2020-05-22

Let me know if 'real power' wants a magazine or anything. (Carretera) 2020-05-13

Pedal Damn it! (Carretera) 2020-05-08

As a circle of light increases so does the circumference of darkn... (Carretera) 2020-04-24

Me myself and my shadow (Carretera) 2020-04-11

So, This Is What It Feels Like (Carretera) 2020-04-07

Catch a truck to corona (Carretera) 2020-04-06

So, This Is What It Feels Like- Headlice treatment Kills Corona _... (Carretera) 2020-04-04

Ain't no party like a Liz Lemon Party because a Liz Lemon party i... (Carretera) 2020-04-01

I guess all I can do is embrace the pandemonium, find happiness i... (Carretera) 2020-03-22

Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments ... (Carretera) 2020-03-21

This is not climate change, flu change (Carretera) 2020-03-19

Am I missing an eyebrow_ (Carretera) 2020-03-10

If you ain't first, you're last. (Carretera) 2020-03-05

Did you eat a lot of paint chips when you were a kid_ (Carretera) 2020-03-05

A few sandwiches short of a picnic. (Carretera) 2020-03-04

All right ramblers, let's get ramblin. (Carretera) 2020-03-04

#SuperTuesday Commute Count (Carretera) 2020-03-03

I have an inferiority complex, but it's not a very good one. (Carretera) 2020-03-02

Slow and steady wins the race. Unless, of course, it's actually a... (Carretera) 2020-02-27

They call me the Kelpie Dawg (Carretera) 2020-02-26

So, This Is What It Feels Like (Carretera) 2020-02-24

We. Hit. Nothing. (Carretera) 2020-02-22

If you try to escape, or play any sort of games with me, I will t... (Carretera) 2020-02-21

If a cow laughed, would milk come out its nose_ (Carretera) 2020-02-19

Sometimes, when I get nervous, I put my fingers under my arms, an... (Carretera) 2020-02-06

To infinity and beyond well 199,975km is getting closer (Carretera) 2020-02-06

I've always enjoyed the camaraderie of good friends competing in ... (Carretera) 2020-02-02

#TDU McLarenvale Wilunga Final Stage - Matt & I around the the Hi... (Carretera) 2020-01-27

I See Your Schwartz Is As Big As Mine. (Carretera) 2020-01-27

#TDU Glenelg to Victor Harbour (Carretera) 2020-01-25

Ten hours of _ rain ain't going to stop me (Carretera) 2020-01-23

I will never give up, I will never surrender, I will never admit ... (Carretera) 2020-01-22

First time I was punched in the face, I was like _Oh no!_, but th... (Carretera) 2020-01-15

Help _Lama la get 100,000 subs on YouTube u_ https://www.youtube.... (Carretera) 2020-01-13

Australian TrackRoad Nationals and watch the Pros TrackTrack (Carretera) 2020-01-12

Out with Bill Evans the Welshman #Livelo (Carretera) 2020-01-11

It's not impossible. I used to bullseye womp rats in my T-16 back... (Carretera) 2020-01-10

I have some ideas on how to fix that. They're not very good ideas... (Carretera) 2020-01-06

We're gonna need a bigger bike. (Carretera) 2020-01-05

Last night and this morning chilling out (Carretera) 2020-01-04

You're only one bike fide away from a good mood. (Carretera) 2020-01-01

Suck it up _ baby you will fly one way and pay for it the other w... (Carretera) 2019-12-30

You Think you can stop the future_ You're Just a thief! (Carretera) 2019-12-28

You shouldn't wear such cheap fabrics. They don't let your funny ... (Carretera) 2019-12-27

Merry Christmas _ to all and your families _ and peaceful festive... (Carretera) 2019-12-25

Hi Curly, killed anyone today_ (Carretera) 2019-12-14

Nothing to RAVE about road or dance (Carretera) 2019-12-13

Its a Carcentric world when a crossing is re-aligned (Carretera) 2019-12-12

Legally Blonde (Carretera) 2019-12-06

You're in my world now, grandma. (Carretera) 2019-12-03

Smokey and bandits took the sails out of me (Carretera) 2019-12-03

Words can only hurt you if you try to read them. Don't play their... (Carretera) 2019-10-12

Speed has never killed anyone, suddenly becoming stationary that'... (Carretera) 2019-10-12

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! (Carretera) 2019-10-09

Strava has a new feature, you can mention others using @name like... (Carretera) 2019-10-09

3 @Garmin s and a KOM Funeral for the 510 @99bikes (Carretera) 2019-10-05

I AM THE GOD OF HELLFIRE!!!! Shame I didnt listen to him (Carretera) 2019-09-29

Strava says donuts and beer are popular words in ride names. Let'... (Carretera) 2019-09-29

Whip, whip Run me like a racehorse. (Carretera) 2019-09-23

Magpies attack like wolves in the park (Carretera) 2019-09-23

There's something wrong when people drive a car to workout in a g... (Carretera) 2019-09-20

I sleep like a baby. Except maybe when I know there's a corpse wa... (Carretera) 2019-09-07

Comin' down the mountain (Carretera) 2019-09-07

Catching up with the King of the Spin Monkey (Carretera) 2019-09-04

WCG doesnt do Stacey Hill, 3 repeats and headwind solo all the wa... (Carretera) 2019-09-01

Oh, you wished me well You, you couldn't tell That I'd been cryin... (Carretera) 2019-08-08

Hello hoppy poppy (Carretera) 2019-08-08

Oh! You Got PEZed! (Carretera) 2019-08-08

Hope is the only thing stronger than fear (Carretera) 2019-08-02

The world is flat according to Peter Sagan (Carretera) 2019-07-18

A donut with no hole, is a Danish. (Carretera) 2019-07-12

Nobody makes me bleed my own blood. (Carretera) 2019-07-12

Turn the lights on and see the world (Carretera) 2019-07-12

I can eat solids no I want coffee, cake's will do (Carretera) 2019-07-06

The precious precipitation wants to drool me to submission (Carretera) 2019-06-30

It's a bit brilliant, is what it is. (Carretera) 2019-06-27

You don't win friends with salad. (Carretera) 2019-06-27

Desire is irrelevant. I'm a machine. (Carretera) 2019-06-15

To beat the rain ___or not to beat it was not the problem it was ... (Carretera) 2019-06-12

Quicky at Radelaide before the sunset _ _ (Carretera) 2019-06-09

I have not got Alfred Hitchcock (Carretera) 2019-06-06

Antarctica turned me into a slowman, cold headwind rain what else... (Carretera) 2019-06-01

Werribee (MELB NORTH WEST) (Carretera) 2019-06-01

Friday morning coffee, steam up your coffee (Carretera) 2019-05-17

Lunch Walk enjoying the beach and weather (HKG) 2019-05-03

Calibrate (Carretera) 2019-05-03

Mt Buffalo and back (BTT) 2019-04-30

Toasted like a Hot Cross Bun when your out with Army Sprats (Carretera) 2019-04-21

The Easter bunny gets to feed the Cats (Carretera) 2019-04-21

Passing 10,000km and feeding the cats and back to the beach house (Carretera) 2019-04-21

Land of the Giants (Carretera) 2019-04-18

The Hell of the North Wind Summertime heat in Autumn (Carretera) 2019-04-18

This is for you Matthew (Carretera) 2019-04-18

Got find the Roubaix to ride (Carretera) 2019-04-12

Felt it after having dinner, all in a days ride & run & a jet roa... (Carretera) 2019-04-07

When a Ute driver drives into the service lane to intimidate you ... (Carretera) 2019-04-07

Favourable conditions make it a collectors paradise in a aloha sh... (Carretera) 2019-04-07

Davo's Balliang TT Loop Reconnaissance Alternative to the northsh... (Carretera) 2019-04-07

Old man look at what I've got (Carretera) 2019-03-29

Werribee (MELB NORTH WEST) (Carretera) 2019-03-29

WCG Team Sky Kelpie style out the front and giving away the KOMs (Carretera) 2019-03-18

Richard & Cath Mordi beach rd #livelo and even #kook (Carretera) 2019-03-18

Parisian stroll (HKG) 2019-03-15

Beach Road with the Ford man, Robert Gets go see the F1 grandprix... (Carretera) 2019-03-13

might as well scramble some eggs on the track (Carretera) 2019-03-03

WCG 80% is acceptable when you go to the airshow a couple of time... (Carretera) 2019-03-03

Where is the _ on monkey _ (Carretera) 2019-02-28

Da planes got fly and do a bomb run at the air show (Carretera) 2019-02-28

Will the electric companies compensate when someone hits a pole, ... (Carretera) 2019-02-28

Matt did I tell you how much I love my #Santini in Hot weather (Carretera) 2019-02-25

WCG Burn yourself up all the way to Ripleys with Birthday Boy Mat... (Carretera) 2019-02-25

Taking F1 fan IBK on Aust Grand Prix track Albert Park and Beach ... (Carretera) 2019-02-25

It's Matt turn tomorrow for his birthday (Carretera) 2019-02-23

Velodrome to do Vo2 and FTP and see what happens (Carretera) 2019-02-23

Its my birthday and I'll Ride if I want to, Ride if I want to, Y... (Carretera) 2019-02-17

30 short for the night (Carretera) 2019-02-17

WCG my shout for coffees on my birthday (yesterday) (Carretera) 2019-02-17

8 Balloons for 8 degree morning in summer, that's winter (Carretera) 2019-02-14

Fresh chill & beautiful clear sunrise what will the doctor put di... (Carretera) 2019-02-12

Out with Ivan on Beach Rd - #Livelo and some sightseing before th... (Carretera) 2019-02-12

I went looking for the monkey at the zoo (Carretera) 2019-02-09

WCG Youyangs Ripley's windy _ rain slam home a run (Carretera) 2019-02-09

Poke the bear and make sure you have an escape route dry as bone (Carretera) 2019-02-06

To the velodrome on a full lygon drag (Carretera) 2019-02-03

WCG don't let the Kelpie Lose When 2 bikes are better than one (Carretera) 2019-02-03

When the MAAP brothers drop the watts and I only find the bread c... (Carretera) 2019-02-03

Geelong doctor on song to do a big dumper (Carretera) 2019-02-01

A bit and butt if Arthur's on a purffec Arvo on the old and new (Carretera) 2019-01-29

WCG I don't play football because I can't sook Rule #5 (Carretera) 2019-01-26

TDU Glenelg on the fast the duwg is on the go (Carretera) 2019-01-21

TDU Willunga HillFinal Stage - Dawg Pooped out (Carretera) 2019-01-21

TDU Crash boom bang Kelpie takes a hit, I'm OK corked thigh and ... (Carretera) 2019-01-18

TDU Jens did ask the question, shoulder is little sore, quads co... (Carretera) 2019-01-18

TDU what came before the screw or the cork (Carretera) 2019-01-18

Mechanical #tdu lots of groups out and team riding with spectator... (Carretera) 2019-01-16

Just get in time to see stage #tdu start (Carretera) 2019-01-16

Sunset after the heat, today south Australia was the hot area in... (Carretera) 2019-01-16

Radelaide TT Geoffrey Trenwith Henley cycles and what a sunset (Carretera) 2019-01-13

TT Tuesday bang on your own (Carretera) 2019-01-10

Out to watch aust road national championships, and I was cooked b... (Carretera) 2019-01-08

Granite road baliang and rippleys into the wind home (Carretera) 2019-01-05

WCG special Ops smash your then your Legs when no one wants to do... (Carretera) 2019-01-05

NYE Out with the Queen #Livelo #Fest500 #LookAhead600 Happy New Y... (Carretera) 2019-01-02

No Plane to catch just drop the hammer home to take off (Carretera) 2019-01-02

#Festive500 #LookAhead600 Pro hours to harvest 30,000km for the Y... (Carretera) 2018-12-28

Around the bay #festive500 #LookAhead600 (Carretera) 2018-12-28

Merry Christmas to all to you and your families #Festive500 #Look... (Carretera) 2018-12-25

Christmas day #festive500 #lookahead600 push the pace with Matty ... (Carretera) 2018-12-25

From Jaws to Mad Max Interceptor and there is life after the scru... (Carretera) 2018-12-18

Tour de Flooded West before it starts again (Carretera) 2018-12-15

Cool Muggy morning after all that down poor and more to come, at ... (Carretera) 2018-12-15

knock knock on heavens pours, the kelpie missed it by that much (Carretera) 2018-12-15

WCG Special Ops JOMBOC from South Corner cafe to Annies Cafe to c... (Carretera) 2018-12-15

4 seasons in 15 minutes when you go storm chasing wind 180 turn a... (Carretera) 2018-12-13

Wet Dawg with heaps sauce all the way (Carretera) 2018-12-13

WCG out the back of the airport the ode to torture yourself (Carretera) 2018-12-10

What you got to do to get a coffee and lose some weight before it... (Carretera) 2018-12-07

An Early Start for the Kelpie DogTrackwith Rachel on beach rd #li... (Carretera) 2018-12-05

Godzilla ouch on 39/25 - 165mm cranks to burn the legs and my min... (Carretera) 2018-12-03

Sad morning to hear the passing of Paul Sherwen (Carretera) 2018-12-03

WCG reminder its Australia not London where is the Sun (Carretera) 2018-11-25

The early worm catches the thin ice drizzle with Simon Gerrans (Carretera) 2018-11-23

One of the best days in my life (Carretera) 2018-11-13

Back to work and commuting with Matt (Carretera) 2018-11-08

The holiday drained me out (Carretera) 2018-11-08

Plenty of coconuts to make a drink (Carretera) 2018-11-04

I will just call it little Tasmania going around it is great plea... (Carretera) 2018-11-01

Some locals have ferrari's I saw a TT pony with rear disc in full... (Carretera) 2018-10-30

Got absolutely drenched sun tropical rain and sun and steam (Carretera) 2018-10-28

OMG la-la Samui (Carretera) 2018-10-25

who plugged the duck pond for the snail-lympics (Carretera) 2018-10-23

The Megastar is not going to the Fitz for a Coffee & spinmonkey g... (Carretera) 2018-10-21

Ride2work day, when isn't that not Excuse to ride to work (Carretera) 2018-10-18

Tour de #Livelo with John & Debora down beach road and then roll ... (Carretera) 2018-10-16